Transaction Services

Ted Cuppett, Managing Member, has been involved in the management of Transaction Advisory Services for several years prior to founding Cuppett & Associates, PLLC.  These services generally involve advisory services and Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence.  These services have been continued by Cuppett & Associates, PLLC in collaboration with The Health Group, LLC, our affiliated consulting firm.

Whether a client is looking to acquire a company, obtain or provider additional capital, or sell a business, we can help clients gain a better understanding of the target, available capital opportunities or potential buyers.  We are especially equipped to assist healthcare providers and have been involved in providing services for transactions as small as $100,000 to those as large as $200,000,000.  Our understanding of Medicare enrollment and requirements, state licensure, third-party and governmental reimbursements, as well as the healthcare capital market make us uniquely equipped to assist healthcare providers in accessing capital or in merger/acquisition opportunities.

Health Care Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence – The combination of health care experience and financial experience makes us uniquely qualified to provide buy-side financial due diligence services.  Many buyers pay to train their financial advisors in healthcare reimbursement and financial issues.  Using Cuppett & Associates, PLLC for these services allows the buyer to invest resources in assessment of the Target not education and training.  These buy-side due diligence services include:

  • EBITDA and Quality of Earnings Assessment
  • Quality of Asset Assessment
  • Working Capital Consideration
  • Accounting Activities and Financial Reporting Documentation

Additionally, we are keenly aware of healthcare agency reporting and approval processes including Medicare enrollment and survey issues as well as state licensing and CON requirements.  These skills are keenly important in any due diligence engagement.