Assurance Services

Following up on a history of quality services combined with high ethical values, Cuppett & Associates, PLLC focuses on integrity, objectivity, and independence as the foundation of our quality control program.

Whether the assurance services needed are audit, review, compilation, or financial statement preparation and whether those services are needed for historical or prospective information, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs and how best they can be met in a professional and cost efficient manner.

Major Focus on Healthcare

Does your current CPA firm understand your business?  Too often healthcare providers cannot answer this in the affirmative.  Cuppett & Associates, PLLC recognizes the importance of knowing your business and is a leader in applying accounting principles and accounting standards in conjunction with our understanding of healthcare providers.  Our professionals constantly speak on healthcare financial matters both as part of our commitment to the industry but also to keep us on top of those issues of significant importance to our clients.

A copy of our Peer Review Letter is available: Peer Review – May 14, 2015